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Baron's Erotic T-shirts

A new range of t-shirts from erotic magazine Baron...

Hairy T ("Pubic Hair") by Baron X RARA
Hairy T ("Pubic Hair") by Baron X RARA

Erotic magazine Baron combines photography, literature and pornography, taking an artistic and stylised approach to sex, running with the tagline – “gentlemen and ladies who enjoy a cocktail, chit chatting about modern art, fine dressing and when the lights faint and the gin runs out, become connoisseurs at taking their companion into bed.” Known for exploring and pushing the boundaries of pornography, Baron have now collaborated with clothing brand RA RA to produce a range of erotic T-shirts, inspired by the young designer’s internship at the magazine and consequent affair with the editor-in-chief. Their affair is documented through the T-shirt collection, with provocative names such as "Underage Sex," "Pubic Hair" and "Erection," which take a female interpretation of a man’s approach to sex. Here we speak to RA RA about the affair, her inspirations and the upcoming issue.

Is there truth in the story behind the T-shirt concept?
I tend to draw inspiration from my own personal experiences, much in the way someone like Louise Bourgeois or Sylvia Plath does. My affair with Baron really made me want to explore the idea of what makes something erotic. I concluded whilst making this project, that this is of course dependent on the viewer. It actually could be anything from a piece of string that reminds one of pubic hair or a simple pink bow that brings back memories of a bra used to seduce.

How did you decide upon the key pieces within the collection?
The "Underage Sex" T is evocative of the evening I lost my virginity to Baron. "The Pubic Hair" T is a suggestive and seductive evening look. The "Erection" T is a stunning bed-time number, embellished with rivets. The "Flasher Blouse" T is an emblem of the Baron’s dark and endearing ways.

What kind of person will wear the T-shirt?
I am rather fascinated with Taylor Swift at the moment, she seems to be a modern day Sylvia Plath. I'm sure Taylor would look very cute in our Flasher T.

How would you sum up the T-shirt collection in a few words?
Evocative, erotic and amusing.

Can you tell us a little about what to expect in the upcoming issue of Baron?
It's by Tyrone Lebon, its tall, pink and stiff, with a pink fabric front and guest edited by Max Pearmain.

Text by Mhairi Graham