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Federico Fellini: The Complete Films

WE take a look at a new book covering the entirety of Federico Fellini's career

On the set of La Strada (1954): Richard Basehart is the firs
On the set of La Strada (1954): Richard Basehart is the firs © The Kobal Collection

“I have invented myself entirely,” filmmaker Federico Fellini famously said. “A childhood, a personality, longings, dreams and memories, all in order to enable me to tell them.”

In Federico Fellini: The Complete Films, author Chris Wiegand and editor Paul Duncan take a journey through Fellini’s extensive career, covering not only his films, but moments on set and from his life. Spanning nearly half a century, the book explores everything from his directorial debut, Luci del varietà (1950), a film about travelling vaudeville performers, to filmic triumphs including La Dolce Vita (1960) and the unforgettable Satyricon (1969), through to later films such as The Voice of the Moon (1990) starring Roberto Benigni. Working alongside his wife and muse, Giulietta Massina, who starred in several of his films, Fellini was known for using the same actors, including the incomparable Marcello Mastroianni, who is considered to be Fellini’s filmic alter-ego.

The ex-slave Trimalchione (Maro Romagnoli) is a nouveau riche who likes to show off his wealth with lavish banquets and recitals of his meaningful poetry.

Federico Fellini shows Anita Ekberg how to disembark from an aeroplane like a movie star.

Giulietta Masina remains in character as Federico Fellini makes adjustments to her posture and dress.

Roberto Benigni being manipulated by puppeteer Federico Fellini.

Fellini shows Marcello Mastroianni and Sandra Milo how he wants them to make love.

Fellini often compared his role as a film director with that of a ringmaster. Here he makes the connection explicit.

Federico Fellini and Giulietta Masina pictured in Venice (c.1955).

Federico Fellini: The Complete Films is out now, published by Taschen.

Text by Ananda Pellerin

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